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Кроссворд «Дом»

Кроссворд на английском «Дом»


1. a very large house
3. a very expensive and comfortable apartment or set of rooms on the top floor of a building
5. in American English — a structure built onto the front or back entrance of a house, with a floor
and a roof but no walls
7. a room in a house that is used for work or study
8. a very large strong building, built in the past as a safe place that could be easily defended
against attack
11. a very small room in a house where food is kept
13. a room or area in a building that is under the level of the ground
14. a very large farm in the western US and Canada where sheep, cattle, or horses are bred
15. a big house in the country with a large garden
16. in British English — a small house with one floor
17. an area of ground in a garden or park that is covered with short grass
2. a small apartment with one main room
3. a large, beautifully decorated house
4. space or room just below the roof of a house, often used for storing things
6. a house, especially a large or official one
9. an open area with a floor and a roof that is built on the side of a house on the ground floor
10. a set of rooms where someone lives, which is part of a larger building
12. an open area with a floor and a roof that is attached to the side of a house at ground level



1. mansion
2. penthouse
5. porch
7. study
8. castle
11. pantry
13. basement
14. ranch
15. villa
16. bungalow
17. lawn
2. studio
3. palace
4. attic
6. residence
9. loggia
10. apartment
12. veranda

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